5. Dezember 2017

Hamish's Mountain Walk

Hamish Brown: Hamish's Mountain Walk,
Paladin Books, London, 1980
No-one had ever climbed all 279 Scottish Munro peaks – mountains of 3000 feet or more – in a single journey, until Hamish Brown embarked upon his magnificent mountain walk. In fact, Hamish climbed 289 peaks on the walk, covering 1639 miles an a total ascent of 449.000 feet. But, amazing as it is, this record is far less important to Hamish than the affinity he feels for a land he has known all his life. This beautifully evocative book is not only an unforgettable account of one particular journey, but the result of a lifetime spent on the mountains, in contemplation of the scenery an in deep conversation with the people of the Highlands. With this fascinating blend of anecdote, observation and breathtaking description, Hamish Brown is set to take his place beside the classic authors of travel and mountaineering works.

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